Picture puzzle challenge

by Radio Somewhere


This is a bit of a challenge: assembling a jigsaw puzzle with no picture to refer to!

This is the last in a series of puzzles I have helped assemble as a volunteer docent at the Log House Museum at Alki Beach in West Seattle. Early last year, someone brought in some puzzles that were handmade in the 1920s, or thereabouts. A picture from a magazine was pasted onto a sheet of paper and the pieces were cut by hand with a jigsaw. This must have been quite a hobby at one time. The Picture Puzzle Exchange in Boston was a place to buy/sell/swap handmade puzzles, and interesting examples sometimes show up on eBay.

Anyway, the Log House Museum has around a dozen puzzles that docents have been helping assemble. It’s a nice pastime to keep a docent occupied during quiet times – and it’s something that often captures the interest of visitors.

But they are very hard. I have no idea what this one is. So far, all I can make out is a brick wall and dog! I will be sure to post a picture when it is finished – hopefully before Labor Day:)