Looking forward to being very-ash-blonde

by Radio Somewhere

Before clocking in at work, I perform the ritual of tying my hair in a ponytail or knot to get it out of my face. Today, as I brushed my hair back, I thought I saw more gray hairs than usual. But you know what? I wasn’t bummed out. For some reason, I have been looking forward to going gray and have been wondering what’s taking so long (I’m almost 52.)

My hair lightens readily in the summer sunshine and I give it some help with Sun-In. The gray I do have gets lost amongst the blonde highlights. But the crown of my head hasn’t seen the sun in several months, so the silver strands are more noticeable now. Yes! Silver! At least, they look silver to me.

I hope it will look cute so that I don’t have to be a slave to dying my hair. Seattle is a nice place for a lady to grow old. Lots of long, silver hair around this town.