Internet History Podcast: check it out.

by Radio Somewhere

When did you send your very first email?

I sent my first email in November, 1982 – but it didn’t go very far:) It wasn’t until 1984 that I used email regularly at work, while I had a temporary job as a night- shift operator at Digital Equipment Corporation (remember them?)

I remember sometimes jumping through various hoops to access email – such as accessing a local dial-up connection in Massachusetts via Kermit and then using Telnet to get to my account at Denver University. I “browsed” the internet with Gopher and thought it was totally awesome – waiting minutes to download a .GIF only to open it in LView and realize it wasn’t the one I wanted!

Mosaic came along around the time I started my PhD. And I remember wasting a lot of time in Usenet newsgroups. Eudora was a rather nice email application. Building simple websites with the Composer tool in Netscape Navigator was sweet fun.

So, I’ve been enjoying the Internet History Podcast, which has been running for the last couple of months. It doesn’t go all the way back to the “book of genesis” but launches the series with Mosaic – and the chain of events that led to the founding of Netscape.

It’s amazing to me that I was using these tools on a daily basis for several years – but knew nothing of the stories or people behind them. And it’s the first time in my life that I’ve truly felt a sense of nostalgia. Each episode opens with the evocative sound of a modem dialing and connecting.

I love the modern internet and marvel at what I can do with my iPhone. But I sometimes miss the old internet. I must be getting old.