Selfie angst

by Radio Somewhere

I rarely find myself envying young people – but I sometimes wish I could enjoy taking “selfies” the way they seem to. I have yet to get a decent picture of myself from my camera phone. And although aging is a big part of my angst, I have to admit that I was not photogenic even when I was young. But I found something that allowed me to get pictures I can live with.

First, use your laptop instead of your phone so that you can move naturally. Second, make sure you have plenty of light on your face. Then, record a short video segment as you talk about something you enjoy. There’s no need to always be looking at the camera. Save the video and view it in a program that allows you to step through one frame at a time. You should find a few stills that you are happy with. That is how I got the picture I am using for this blog.