Bloggers anonymous – NOT!

by Radio Somewhere

With my first blog, I was obsessive with being anonymous. For some reason, I was very fearful of revealing anything of my personal identity. Not sure why, as the subject matter of my blog was hardly controversial – it was just the typical stream of consciousness to be expected from an overeducated person underemployed in retail work. Besides, I know for sure that hardly anyone ever read it!

I have a general rule of thumb with the internet: never post anything that you would not want your mother or your boss to read. Admittedly, that does leave me plenty of latitude, because my mother is not easily shocked; and my latest jobs have been at small businesses where employee-boss relations are relatively open and honest. But even with the mother/boss yardstick applied, I have often been obsessed with anonymity regardless.

Sometimes it is advisable. One of my favorite accounts on Twitter is @MeetingBoy. His tagline is “I hate my job” and he tweets about his annoying work in marketing. He sometimes worries about his identity being discovered, but seems to be getting away with it so far – and hopefully, for a long time, because he is darned funny!

Anyway, this time around I plan to lighten up a little. I am not going to reveal everything about me – but I am
not going to completely hide either. I thought I would start by having my photo up instead of an abstract design – so that anyone who does happen to drop by can see there is a real person home.